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Telmo Canas is an experienced professional who has practiced in several clinics and participated as a speaker in seminars and conferences in several health universities among them ISAVE, exploring the main areas of Chinese Medicine.



We’re here to help you fine tune your health by supporting your immune system, giving your energy a boost and helping you to relax and sleep well.
Energy - Telmo Canas Acupunctura


We have years of experience helping busy people combat fatigue.
Mood - Telmo Canas Acupuncture


We use acupuncture and Chinese herbs to enhance your mood and treat anxiety.
Sleep - Telmo Canas Acupunture


We can troubleshoot your sleep problems from apnea or insomnia to restless leg syndrome
Immunity in Telmo Canas Acupuncture


Give your immune system a boost and head into cold and flu season with confidence.
Relax - Telmo Canas Acupuncture


Acupuncture or massage can be used to combat an overactive mind or muscle tension.
Recovery in Telmo Canas Acupuncture


Let us help you recover from exercise whether you’re a yogi or training for a marathon.

Satisfied Customers

Everything went very smoothly. The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing. Telmo took time to speak with me to understand the problem. Then, he explained clearly (with help of drawing) what is the problem and the procedure he will apply to solve the issue. He was not searching to earn money but to releave me from the pain, this was his main and only concern. Therefore, I can only recommend him.


Satisfied Customers

Warm welcome, Excellent communication, no waiting time, very good follow-up, takes time to listen, very quick to answer emails and very professional. After only a few sessions my pains that had persisted for ten years have completely disappeared, a big thank you to Telmo.


Satisfied Customers

There’s ordinary, and then there’s Dr. Canas. I highly recommend him! Felt better straight after the first appointment.


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